My Way Code is a Digital, Multi-Media-App and Online evidence-based program bringing good mental health for all.

Building learning and a personal toolkit

Okay so a lot of us have learnt the High Way Code so we can get a driving licence and more importantly, keep ourselves and others safe whilst we travel from A to B.

Imagine if we each had our own bespoke Code that helped us navigate life that way?

My Way Code offers just this. It’s not another set of rules but offers a chance to look at what our own warning signs might be, how interacting with others works for us and how knowing all of that, how we can most effectively move in the direction we want to.

Our 3 core signs ensure questions of our emotional, physical, social and aspirational perspectives are drawn out offering layers of awareness and resilience tools are built for our unique needs and aims. We get to develop our own High (My) Way Code to navigate life. 

My Way Code asks the questions of us we all need to hear, learn from and be encouraged by.



gut instinct


conditions of worth

somatic reactions





circle of support




place in the world





managing change


setting goals

meeting needs

Self help that works 

The aim of My Way Code is to exist as a framework to give anyone the opportunity for to have the effect of having a great therapist, coach, mentor - it doesn’t give us the answers but asks questions to reveal the our strengths, beliefs, resources, impact on others so that we can navigate life with more agency and autonomy.

And do this through innovative tech - gamification, animation/videos, AI, VR and wearables.

It is a Person-centred toolkit - users build their awareness and strategies personal to them. Instead of just providing a solution that other providers believe we should choose to apply; My Way Code strives to promote agency, autonomy and taking personal responsibility for understanding why we may think and behave the way we do and choose ways to change or manage this.

It allows the user to decide what would work best for them, maybe about a particular goal, and look at what help might be needed to navigate within the present context to get there.

Like a satnav that gets programmed with the information created by the user and stores unique bespoke solutions which can be set to give motivational prompts or warnings to keep on track and not keep heading down that same old route to the same old results. 

1. Firstly you will choose or create your own AVACAR to reflect YOU and fill in your PROFILE so we know which journeys may suit you best.

Your DASHBOARD will record learning, progress and store the prompts and strategies you develop for yourself along the way.

Some of our Concept sketches:

Stamp your completed journeys on your THRIVER’s LICENCE.

Education, University, Learning

Friendships, Relationships

Money, Finance

Work, Career, Retirement

Health and Aging Well

After the Core Journey

Navigating life's transitions is always a challenge so after completing the core journey we will offer different journeys for people to explore.

Identity, Self Esteem

How My Way Code brings resources


We will design inclusive, accessible, engaging animations that can be delivered in many different languages.

We will be able to communicate life-hacks, positive psychological theories, as well as the latest expert health advice. 


Using the latest science and innovation we can engage users with different learning styles to experience inclusive, accessible interactive games so that users can explore journeys through areas of life


We will incorporate the latest in bio-feedback and physical health trackers to help users understand impact. We will build partnerships with existing providers to offer complimentary tools. 


All data collection will be focused on what is most useful for the user to know and R&D led by analysis of this.

We will feedback trends and successes to users first and then use to inform policy change. 


 We want to bring My Way Code to many people and offer easy access in different settings: 

Multi Media App


  • Freemium introductory content 

  • Core Journey - Self, Relate, Direction

  • Build your toolkit 

  • Evidence based nudges and Insights 

  • Buy One Give One Free to those in need

monthly subscription

or discounted annual subscription

Digital eWorkshop

 Individuals and Small Groups

  • Desktop digital version of Core Journey

  • 6 x 1hr session format for individual or small group work

  • 3 hours of video and animation and 3 hours of tasks

  • Flexible learning opportunities for shifts, teams etc

one off annual subscription

discount on app subscription

Enterprise Bundle

 Great for your workforce

  • Digital eWorkshop Licence

  • Followed by Multi Media App Licence 

  • Corporate reports (aggregate data only)

  • CSR opportunities to donate licences to those in need

one off annual fee discounted for bulk licences